The Hydrofoil

Now you have the unique opportunity here in Phuket to travel from island to island in style, comfort and in an eco-friendly environment, free from the uncomfortable strains of the more acceptable modes of sea travel such as seasickness, engine smells and uncomfortable hard seating and of course a long boring journey time.

The hydrofoil will actually skim across the top of the waves eradicating any jarring or bumping which you experience with smaller boats, thus your journey resembles a flight and therefore the journey time is much shorter enabling you to spend more leisure time at your destination, still fresh and with no aches, pains or nausea normally associated with other forms of sea travel. You could be in the stunning tropical island escape of Phi Phi Islands in just 45 minutes.

Our Flying Dolphin 1 & 2 are all European built and comply with all the necessary seagoing and safety regulations both within Thailand and Europe.

Our staff are all trained to international standards and most are multi-lingual and will only be too happy to assist you in any way that they can.

Type of Hydrofoil : Kometa Hydrofoil
Overall Length : 36 m
Waterline Length : 31.40 m
Overall Beam : 4.50 m
Draft (Hull borne) : 3.5 m
Draft (Foil borne) : 1.8 m
Overall Width : 6.50 m
Full Load Displacement : 59 tons
Passengers : 128
Crew : 6
Cruising Speed : 35 knots (65 km/h)
Main Engines : 2 X MTU 1050 HP Diesel Engines
Propeller : Fixed pitch 6-bladed cast bronze
Fuel capacity : 4000 l.
Range : 500 km. at cruising speed
Navigation Equipment : VHF | RADAR | GPS
Building Material : Aluminum-Magnesium Alloys
Divisions : Cabin, Toilet, Pantry, 3 saloons, engine room, electric control room.
In compliance with E.U. Environmental policies and marine safety legislation resp. Directive 98/41/EC and Directive 2003/24/EC
Foil Material : Titanium
Chairs : Boeing airplane seats